Ey-up, look who’s just walked in.

G’day mate, I’ve no idea whatsoever how you’ve stumbled upon my portfolio. Currently, I’m a student and an independent video game developer who is yearning to develop a brilliant video game whilst learning new things on a daily basis. Here you can view my résumé, a few of my projects, and some fun programming or game related stuff. We can also have a little chat about the climate change or even about Japanese anime. I am performing a lot of things, I’ve started my long term journey as a Video Game Developer, and furthermore I want to improve myself to the fullest and establish my name in the industry as a developer as well as a businessman. I fancy the life of a vagrant, but whilst living life like a vagabond, I want to own one of the biggest house in the United Kingdom. I’m certainly an eccentric person, and sometimes I even talk gibberish, and perhaps this makes me a worthy and a quintessential person.

What I’ve been up to lately: